K2 Hanford 2023 Snowboard Boots musta

K2 Hanford 2023 Snowboard Boots musta
Brand: K2
Color: black
359.95 EUR

New all-mountain boot with This Grips™ outsole and BOA® lacing system The K2 Hanford comes with a free-moving upper and a zonal lacing system so you can enjoy total heel hold. The fast and precise H4/M3 Zonal BOA® lacing with TX3 BOA® Rope Laces is quickly adjustable, while the 3-point strap inside provides even more hold in the 3D liner. A freestyle-inspired all-mountain boot. Outer boot Thought through to the last detail, the Endo™ 2.0 construction rises to the challenge and gives you a boot that scores with flexibility and durability. Endo is a completely new way of thinking about construction. The basis is an endo-skeleton made of urethane, which replaces the various layers in normal construction. Compared to conventionally glued and sewn frames, the Endo structure can be flexed as often as desired and always returns to its original position and strength at the end - without sacrificing performance. This creates a permanently consistent flex and a boot that always behaves neutrally in all conditions. The outer boot comes with a cuff made of HDR premium synthetic. For ultimate grip and durability, the This Grips!™ outsole with Harshmellow™ keeps its promise. Designed with ease and for longevity. Liner With high-density, thermoformable Intuition® foam and internal and external J-Bars, the liner has a precise fit and performance that meets the demands of a pro. S’Cafe Coffee Mesh is made from 95 % recycled content and reduces odour build-up inside the boot. The 3D-moulded EVA insole rounds off the liner with plenty of comfort. Lacing system With the H4 / M3 Focus BOA® your outer boot is laced up and ready to go in no time. Absolutely perfect fit. The liner is adjusted to a perfect fit with a 3-point lacing system. This lacing offers perfect heel hold. FeaturesRubber reinforced Flex Zone upper with Endo™ 2.03D Liner Intuition® Pro Foam3D dual density footbedThis Grips™ outsoleH4 Focus BOA® Fit SystemS’Cafe™ Coffee Mesh3 point harness inside