Nidecker Elle 2024 Snowboard kuviotu

Nidecker Elle 2024 Snowboard kuviotu
Brand: Nidecker
Color: div
299.95 EUR

Freestyle and all-mountain snowboard for women to get started! The Elle is specially designed for beginners and is also perfect if you haven’t been on the board for a while. The directional twin shape is easy to control, making the first turns especially safe, and the soft flex can be ridden without much effort. So get ready for some fun! Riding style An all-mountain/freestyle board for women as beginners and all those who have not been in the snow for a longer time. Carving turns on the piste, surfing turns in the powder or creative runs from the park to the parking lot. With this board the good times never end. Shape With its directional twin shape, the Elle is particularly easy to control, making the very first turns a breeze. The Directional Twin shape has the advantage that the nose gets a little longer due to the setback of the bindings towards the tail, giving you more uplift in powder. However, the shape of the nose and tail remain symmetrical, which means that even switch riding is no problem. Profile The FlatRock construction with a rocker in nose and tail and a flat between the bindings provides stability, confidence and fast progress. This keeps the board extremely manoeuvrable in the pow and gives it enormous uplift. The camber also offers you good edge hold and fast power transmission. Flex The soft flex lets you make easy turns and guarantees plenty of fun and a comfortable rides at all times and in all terrains, whether you’re in the park, on the power or piste, or anywhere in between! Construction The standard solid woodcore of poplar and beech inserts is resistant and scores with flex and pop. Nidecker’s classic sandwich construction made of high quality materials makes sure that you can do something great with this snowboard. The N5000 Universal base is very resistant, user-friendly and offers good gliding properties even without waxing. Even scratches can be repaired relatively easily. FeaturesDirectional Twin shapeFlatRock constructionClassic Sandwich constructionBiaxial fibreglassStandard solid woodcore of poplar and beech insertsN5000 Universal baseMatt finish