Nitro X Iron Maiden 2023 Snowboard Bindings sininen

Nitro X Iron Maiden 2023 Snowboard Bindings sininen
Brand: Nitro
Color: uni
299.95 EUR

Nitro meets Iron MaidenNitro Snowboards has teamed up with world famous rock band Iron Maiden to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their chart-topping album “The Number of the Beast” with a legendary collaboration. Together they created an exclusive snowboard setup in a very limited edition. The limited edition boards and bindings feature the original image of the 1982 album cover. There is also an exclusive metal badge on the board with each Beast’s individual number. Only 666 of these unique collector’s sets will be produced. The Team Binding The Nitro Team binding is designed to give you the resilience and fit for maximum progression without sacrificing comfort and flex. An all-round binding with freestyle-oriented flex and sophisticated features. The Team is Nitro’s most versatile binding for the highest performance in any terrain. Highback The asymmetric jet highback is cut slightly higher for maximum control. The highback encloses the back of the boot, giving you extra support for your riding. Baseplate The two-piece Stealth Air Baseplate consists of the baseplate and a minimised aluminium heelcup, which allows a perfect fit to your boot. Nitro Air Dampening is an air cushion under the heel for maximum shock and vibration absorption. With the 3° canted footbed, you stand in a natural and ergonomic position on the board. With Board Saver technology, the corners of the baseplate are rounded to reduce a hard friction point from binding to board. The rounded corners allow the board to bend more naturally. This means a smoother ride and your board is protected. Straps The Premium Comfort Ankle Straps offer the perfect blend of response and comfort. The Übergrip Toe Strap comes with Ecostep™ rubber from Vibram®. The strap adapts to every boot form and always stays in position, irrespective of how hard the landing is. The Forged Aluminium Speedwheel Buckles stand out with their strength and the light weight of the aluminium is still extremely smooth. Reinforced ratchets and connector have moulded stainless steel cables inside the ratchets and connectors. Broken straps are a thing of the past. The Easy Entry Buckles and Ratchets are S-shaped straps that stay out of the way when entering the binding. The wide-open buckle guide helps you buckle up easier and faster. FeaturesStealth Air Base FrameAsym Jet HighbackAir Dampening3° canted footbed2x4 Mini Disc with Angle Lock FeatureBoard Saver TechnologyPremium Comfort Ankle StrapsÜbergrip Toe Strap with Vibram© Ecostep™ RubberReinforced connectors and ratchetsForged Aluminum Speedwheel BucklesEasy Entry Buckles and Ratchets