UNION Force Classic (Team Logo) 2024 Snowboard Bindings valkoinen

UNION Force Classic (Team Logo) 2024 Snowboard Bindings valkoinen
Brand: Union
Color: white
269.95 EUR

Welcome the 3rd generation of the unbeatable all-mountain binding from Union. Welcome to the future. Union has not only given the Force an update, you can now also get this early release model before everyone else. It was made to take snowboarding and riders to a new level. But with the new construction, it also stands for reliability, unsurpassed durability and stability for every riding style and terrain. A proven all-mountain binding with best all-day comfort and top performance from season to season. May the Force be with you. Highback The S19 Duraflex ST Highback is completely new and comes with a layered construction. This design is very reactive from edge to edge while still giving you torsional flexibility for a comfortable ride. Baseplate The Stage 9 Duraflex ST baseplate offers the highest level of strength and power transmission. The multi-density, thermoformed EVA bushings provide excellent cushioning, even in low temperatures. Straps The newly developed Exoframe 6.0 ankle strap provides you with a Molecular ankle strap padding. This design helps minimise foot and ankle fatigue by reducing pressure points. The brand new TS 5.0 toe strap adapts to any snowboard boot and provides maximum support from all angles. The magnesium buckles with steel base are light, robust and work in any temperature. FeaturesStage 4 Duraflex ST baseplateMulti-Density Thermoformed EVA bushingsExtruded 3D aluminium heelcupForce Duraflex ST highbackExoFrame 4.0 ankle strapsTS 2.0 Rhombus toe strapsMagnesium bucklesTool-less forward lean adjustmentCanted footbed - for a natural, comfortable angle of the feet4x2, 4x4 and Channel compatible