UNION Strata 2024 Snowboard Bindings punainen

UNION Strata 2024 Snowboard Bindings punainen
Brand: Union
Color: red
269.95 EUR

Maximum damping, maximum ride comfortGet this early release model before everyone else. The Strata has quickly become one of Union’s most popular freestyle bindings and the reason for this is its excellent dampening system. Fused Vaporlite damping gives you a ride like you’ve never experienced before. The high vibration damping makes the binding ideal for creative freestyle riding, whether in the park, powder or on the slopes. Highback The Strata Highback with medium to hard flex, comes with a super light, freestyle oriented design. Duraflex material is specially designed to provide consistent flex over a wide temperature range. The angle of the highback (forward lean) can be adjusted without tools. Baseplate The Stage 6 Duraflex ST base is Union’s lightest and strongest base to date and is extremely responsive. The Fused Vaporlite Bushing System absorbs vibration and shock like nothing else. Fused Vaporlite is a material that is waterproof, more durable and more precise than any other EVA material on the market. Straps The Forma Lab ankle straps fit perfectly to the outside of your boots, are incredibly durable and light as a feather. The HexGrip toe straps’ thermoplastic anti-slip material and multiple positioning options keep your boots bombproof and secure in the binding. FeaturesStage 6 Duraflex ST baseplateFused Vaporlite Bushing SystemExtruded 3D aluminium heelcupStrata Duraflex ST highbackForma Lab ankle strapsTS 2.0 Hexgrip toe strapsAluminium bucklesTool-less forward lean adjustmentCanted footbed - for a natural, comfortable angle of the feetMinidisk compatible with 4x2 and Channel